About the PALM Series

Illustration: PALM episode 9 Art of Spider 2011

・"PALM" is one of the longest (37 volumes - total circulation 2000000 copies by 2015) literature grade -undentifide genre manga story in Japan, with nonlinear storyline, gallows humor, unique - well loved characters.
The series has been published in Japan since 1983 and in Korea since 1992.

・It's a super hero story with a hero without super power but genius brain, strength, pure heart and a bit of super natural power, in a way.

・It's about life set from the beginning of the 20th century to the present time and moving into the 21st century - centers on three main characters that all have different colored skin and backgrounds and who all stand out as unusual in society.
The story tells their whole lives from birth until death and talks about people who are related to them, including ancestors and descendants.

・The PALM Series has 10 episodes and each part has a different genre and theme;
I.e. roman-fleuve, human drama, comedy, love, crime, war, environmental problems, and even the occult.
This is mainly because these are all parts of this beautiful confusing world.

・Yasay Kemonogi has been writing this series as an amateur since 1974 (14 years old) and since 1983 as a professional cartoon writer.

・When the author started to write the Series, she chose Los Angeles in the U.S.A. for the main background. The reasons were very simple;
1) Each of the 3 main characters have different colored skin and
2) She did not know anywhere else in the world where such a mixed culture existed at that time, since since was only 14 years old.
Witch happened be a pretty good choice for writing about the world in 20th century.

・Yasay is now (2015) in the process of writing 3rd volume of the last (10th) episode "TASK" - 38th book of the PALM Series.

Illustration, left: From the LP jacket of “Original sound creation - PALM”/Columbia/1986

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