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Dear Yasay Kemnogi,

:1nd mail
How do you do? Actually it is my first time writing an Internet mail, and also a fan-letter to someone I never thought possible of knowing.
It has been years since I quit using written English, I hope you have a kind heart on reading such an incoherent letter.

My name is Z-Young Kim. I live in Seoul, Korea. I am yet 19 years old, going on 0 in December. I am a female and sophomore student of Yonsei Univ., Korea.
One of your work, this aimable series have been newly published here since 1997, licensed edition. And yes, as you could easily guess now, I'm one of these many people, thoroughly encharmed by .

Reading was somewhat an astoniKemonogig experience. I can't deny the style is very peculiar in Korean cartoon culture. But to the same extent, it is charming. In fact, has made me realize some strong emotions and desires which lay in my deep unconsciousness.

Now I'm waiting for the 4th volume of . It hasn't been published yet. Recently I got some information about (from other people in HiTEL, Korean net.), and I came to know that you have made a chronological table of the characters. So, James dies at age 28...
If I meet his death now, I'd certainly cry. I might cry till I lose my head.
Maybe, after that, I would become a grown-up. But it seems still has a long way to go... Long, long time journey till the conclusion.
That I feel relieved. So far "on the way". By the time comes to the end, I would grow into adulthood, with an intimate sense of life and death. But now I ama child and I want to act asking for eternity.

Please allow me to send you more letters on , about myself and yourself.
Oh, one more thing. I'm longing for updates in your home page. I shall be raviKemonogig with joy if added data's are also written in English.
But never mind, I am learning Japanese this summer. My summer vacation has just started and... I'll leave the rest for next letter.

Best heartful wishes for your work, your life and your loved ones.

:2nd mail
Hello. How are you? I am still in the middle of my summer vacation. Japanese language classes and my part-time job begins next week. Raining season has come andit is all wet around here.

At last, Korean edition of is completed! I could gain the 4th volume at a comic wholesale house a few days ago.
Savoring it again and again, I get a different feeling each time. Once I felt crossed at many characters so happy. They were gifted with this blessed relationship, and whatever dreadful thing takes place, they still are blessed, cared of, trusted and loved deeply by each other.
It seemed like a sweet fantasy too much. But after another reading, it didn't come to me as that much. Instead I was in vain. I think they are preparing silently orat least accepting(in many ways) what will happen tomorrow.
In same sense, the scene James shares handcuffs with blushed Andy ('like exchanging wedding rings') was rather sad to me.
Positively teaches me how life goes...

Yesterday afternoon I found a young magpie hopping in front of the City Library. She had a wound in her wings, and kids were looking at her, some teasing. On the way home, I was confused whether I should get involved in that incident. Fortunately I made up my mind and went back there with a towel and my wallet. Afterseveral attempts, I won success in picking her up, and hurried to the nearest animal clinic.
The doctor told me the bird was nearly dying, but she would do the best to help herrevive. She declined to receive any fees, and set me at ease that it would turn outall right. That was very kind of her and I was impressed.
Reviewing it, if this happened some years ago, I might have began dreaming of becoming a veterinarian.
Anyway, seeing myself as a way-out of one situation was a wonder - especially at circumstances which I could simply walk away from.
Perhaps I was affected by ... Or maybe some past experience of my childhood occurred to me... Whatsoever.

I'm really curious what would be like.
Gee, how much time will it take to see all your work translated in Korean?
By the way, it is very charming that James begets a daughter. And about Angela, what kind of life shall she live? Hmm hmm.

It is strange. At the beginning I plan to write about so many things, but once I make a start, I get lost readily. I hope I could talk about some things of my own in the next letter. I should practise more English composition.

Best heartful wishes for your work, your life and your loved ones.
Z-Young Kim

○Thank you Kim.
I like the magpie story.
I have been squaKemonogig quite many snails to protect my garden without any chemical poison recently, my self.
I hope the amount of give for the amount of take will jive when I die!
(I hope you got a lot of sense of black humor too.)
Don't worry about English. Your's MUCH better than mine.
Try Japanese (which you learn) sometime.

I belong to the master course of T.I.T. and major the properties of superconductor.
I have read "PALM" for 10 years.
Now, I am seeking employment. In this action, I desire to enter the thinktank.(this is an effect of James) and major about the environmental subject.
Thanks to your works, I find out my road to future.
In my parent's home, green tea is cultivated . Someday, I will succeed to their work.
But I want to work about business from earth till the day when I succeed my parent's livehood.
I will read your work for the future.
Good bye.


(Above:Updated Aug.1998)


More E-mails from Z-Young Kim

:1st mail
Palm club has established. It is named "P.A.L.M."(simple!) and so far it's fun meeting people, sharing same eager interests.
It helps me endure the hardseason before the publication of 15th Volume.
By the way,I might communicate our questions to you in the questionnaire.(they made me do this!) Could it be possible of answering at few and let us know?
I'm afraid of bothering you, so please do not worry about this if you don't feellike it. But if it's okay, I would send the questions after the event ends.

:2nd mail
Thanks for your reply, I & members of P.A.L.M.(Palm Club in HiTEL) were all happy. Because we had to wait long for the 15th volume published, one member was destined to write bits of the translation from original on club's page.
Therefore now I know a little about "Not Love...". So many names. I can hardly imagine how they all show up,how they make connections and how the story leads to conclusion.
And about Cyd Carroll - I must admit she is sort of unpolished, but somehow I like James & Cyd couple. They are lovely.

By the way, we feel curious about this LP, Palm image album. What kind of music is in it? Do the characters appear in those songs?
I hear it was on market in 1986, therefore it is a difficult thing to get even in Japan now. (somebody has the Palm Book, ha ha) Awfully curious... Sometimes
listening to some lilting jam sessions, I draw a vague image of Palm characters in my head, like that of a music video. It would be a great thing... so what is this LP like???
Z-Young Kim(zed)

○Hi, Kim. "Not Love..." is set at an environmental conference. the story could be pretty political so I 'm not really sure if it's possible to publish anywhere in the world ???
Oh, you will love the LP. The characters don't appear in songs, fortunately.
2 songs and instrumental, easy lessening and soft jazz .... music for everyone, stuff like that.
I think I'm ready to answer the questions. Could we put the Q&A on this home page?

(Above:Updated Oct.1998)

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