Yasay Kemonogi/Sept.1997/Photo by TASK

Name: Yasay Kemonogi
Gender Identity: Non Binary
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Date of Birth: August 1, 1960
Place of Birth: Shinjyuku Tokyo, Japan
Marriage status: Divorced
Children: A son (Tasuku), born 1981


Born and raised in Tokyo.
Married 1980 (age 19), moved to Fukushima, divorced by domestic violence and return to Tokyo with son (one tear old) 1982.

PALM series started publishing by Shinsyokan in 1983. Moved to Australia in 1996, return to Japan 2000.

Founding animal rights community AID 2015. 2020, episode 10 of the PALM series on going, 47th book published.

A big Kurt Vonnegut Fan.


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